Thursday, December 29, 2016

Over the Meadow - McCalls Quilt Along - has started

Over the Meadow

Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts demonstrates how to make invisible applique stitches in the Lesson 1 video of our Over the Meadow and Through the Year Quilt Along. These monthly videos are free to all, even if you're not making this particular quilt, and you'll learn a LOT. With good humor and years of experience, Jan's an ideal teacher for your at-home learning. Follow the link for applique fun! >>

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Almost Christmas

Here are the boys getting our Christmas tree from the fence line.  
Quinn is wielding the chain saw and Jake is the camofluage guy in the back.

It's a nice sized tree and looks great with just lights and an angel - Have I mentioned there's a lot to do around here at this time of year and I'm sure that's true for all of us.
I hope to get some ornaments on tonight :)

Oh, and a piece of advice, ladies.  Don't ever agree to do your grandson's laundry when he comes home from college in exchange for him feeding the chickens - you'll be on the loosing end :0
And we're always glad to have him home!!!

Meanwhile here are Cullen and Quinn being Wisemen in the church Christmas program.
They're two of my favorite Wisemen.

Now for the winner of the BOM naming contest!  
Drummm Rolll!

There were lots of awesome choices and we finally settled on "Country Blessings" by Cindy H.
Cindy if you will get in touch with Tammy at and give her your snailmail info she will start sending your blocks in February.

However ....I would appreciate it if Robin who entered "Eventide", Mimi who entered "American Pride" and Lynda who entered "Piecetime" will also send their snail mail information.  I'm designing quilts from my next fabric line and if I use their names, we'll send them a free pattern.

And speaking of patterns and kits, out latest Table Stand Quilt "Moonlight Serenade" is ready to buy or ship.  

It won't arrive by Christmas, of course but should be a great way to start the New Year.


Monday, December 5, 2016

So many Exciting things to work on this month................

And the first thing we have to do is give away a couple of magazines.

The first winner is Janet Wells who said "I'm thankful for family and friends......and time to quilt."

and the 2nd winner is Mimi who said "I'm thankful for my kids and grandkids."

If both of you ladies will send Tammie your snail mail information at we'll get your magazines right out to you.  
Enjoy - the ladies at Primitive Quilts and Projects have done their usual awesome job.

This is Pep's favorite Christmas decoration. 
It's an Olive the other reindeer pillow
 and you can find the pattern in our Special this month Up on the Rooftop.
The idea for the pillow came from a children's book Olive the Other Reindeer about a dog named Olive. It was a favorite of our children and now our grandchildren and has been part of our Christmas for years.  And of course when I was designing quilts for the book Olive had to be included.  Those are Jake's handprints and footprint when he was five.
  He's a sophomore at UMKC now.  He's grown a bit since then :)

2015 Prom

I just finished the drawing for the 2017 Mystery Quilt and, of course I really like it.  It's 76" x 84".
If you are a member of the 16 Mystery Quilt Club you are automatically signed up for this one unless you notify us.  This keeps the blocks coming for those of you who look forward to a block each month.   We do understand that some people will always need to drop out.  If you're not a member yet and want to join, please email Tammie at and let us know.  I'm getting ready to do the fabric part and need to know how much to order. 

 First here's a sneak peek

But we need to find a name and I think we'll have a contest. 
The winner will get the BOM free each month.   
If you have a good name for the quilt let us know in the comments section sometime between now and December 19th.  
We'll announce a winner on the 21st

And off I go to write the instructions for my blocks in the Moda Blockheads BOW - watch the blog for more information.........

And information on the QNNTV MdCalls Quilt-Along - "Over the Meadow" - it should be airing soon.

Keep quilting ladies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving is over ................already!

And so is Fall Market.  
Here I am with my fellow Moda Designers Kate Spain and Deb Strain, my neighbors in Moda's Designer's Row.

Two more days (at least) for the Pumpkins

And then this weekend the pumpkins get put away until next year and 

 2015 Holly Tree Lane and the winter quilts come down from the loft.

I've already located a good sized tree on the front of our property and when Jake comes home this weekend, he and Pep will cut it down and bring it in.
The Treeskirt is waiting.

Then slowly Tree Dancer and

Holly, Jolly Christmas and all of the winter quilts will come down from the loft.

All sorts of exciting things are in the works.
I'm designing the next Mystery Quilt that will start in February as well as patterns for my next line.
Lynne from Kansas Troubles came up with this great idea for a BOW - that's a Block of the Week - that will include Moda Designers Betsy Chutchian, Lisa Bongean, Jo Morton, Lynne,  Carrie Nelson of Moda and me.
We'll be designing 6" blocks and posting them each week- mine will be applique of course.  This is really going to be fun.

Also somewhere in here my Over the Meadow will be available on QNNTV.

Whew - that's a lot going on as well as the month of Christmas.

But meantime we've got a treat.
Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine has a new magazine "Quilts We Love"

and their first issue has the patterns for my Pokeberry Quilt.

And they very nicely gave me a couple of copies to give away.
while Thanksgiving is over
we do need to keep remembering what we are thankful for.
Make a comment telling us what you're particularly thankful for as we head into this holiday season.
Next Moda Monday, we'll draw 2 names and give away a couple of issues.

Right now, I need to go feed my cardinals and others at the feeders.  
Have a good one, ladies.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Summer's over - a little sadness.....But Fall is here - a lot of gladness :)

We had our first September Fest in the loft....

Here are a few pictures I took while we were there......

and of course, being the blog savvy person that I am

I forgot to have pictures taken of the visitors and me....

I was probably too busy talking :):):)
Anyway, it was lots of fun and great to meet so many people.

Down in the chicken yard everyone is settling into their new homes.
Zoie loves chickens and had found an Aracauna rooster (Frankenfurter) and a Silky rooster (ObiWan) on Cameron's Swap Shop. Talking me into giving them a home wasn't a hard sell.  
This spring when I got my usual Buff Orpington chicks I was able to order 3 Aracauna pullets for Frankenfurter and when the girls got big enough last month,  I moved them into their own house and yard.  We can't wait for Spring and the blue/green eggs. 

I've looked all summer for a Silky hen and I'm sure there are some around but on a trip to Jamesport (a nearby Amish settlement) we found a Bantam hen and two chicks just the right size for ObiWan.
He certainly seems content.

My newest fabric line samples came in too and now I start each day with Appliqué.
These are blocks from Rufus in the Garden, a BOM that will show at Fall Market.

And this is Coral Bells - both the fabric line and the quilt.  The applique on this one was mainly done by my friend Amy Gertz but I did get to embroider the bird's eyes :)
Obviously there isn't time to do all of the appliqué on the quilts but I try to get a little something on each one.

Fall calls for a new Tablestand Quilt - - -

obviously called "Punkins".
You can order it by clicking here

If you join the Table Stand Club you can get 15% off of all Table Stand quilt kits, stands and headers.
You can join by emailing Tammie at

Fall is here and Market is not far off so "back to work!"

Keep quilting ladies.  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Fest 9-22 thru 9-24-2016


It's Finally here and it isn't raining.  
My husband would add "Yet".  
I would say "Thank God".

Anyway, I hope you can come.  If you can't we'll add a free pattern to any order we get in the next 3 days to try to take care of our "online" friends.  There's also a kit for the little quilt -21" x 24" in our store by clicking here.

If you are coming, here are the directions from I-35 and from Hamilton.

If you're coming from North or South on 1-35 go East on Highway 36 for approximately 1 1/2 miles to Sale Barn Road. Turn right on Sale Barn. If you're coming from Hamilton on 36 it's about 10 1/2 miles from Hamilton to Sale Barn Road and you turn left on Sale Barn. Take Sale Barn south for approximately 6 miles (it turns into Buck Road somewhere along the way but just stay on the same road headed south until you come to a T - which is Last Dr.). Turn right on Last Dr. & we're the first house on the left- (look for the balloons)
Come up the drive to the barn. :)

Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

First Ever Jan Patek Quilts September Fest 9-22 through 9-24

But first, lets back up a little.
You may or may not have noticed that I haven't blogged much this summer - nor have I done a lot on Facebook.  Here's why.
I spent the summer making (along with Amy and Marie) "Over the Meadow and Through the Year" out of my fabric line "Fern Hill" and Betsy Chutchian's fabric line "Hope's Journey" - both for Moda, of course.  And I not only made the quilt but I made most of the blocks twice because........

At the end of August I went to Des Moines and filmed 12 Episodes for a McCalls Quilt Along.  I believe it will be available at the beginning of December.  I'll keep you posted.

For now, this is one of my latest quilts - Fern Hill, 76 x 80.  It's a 12 month BOM and should be available at your local quilt shop now - along with the fabric of course.  The fabric shipped this week.
We are offering it as a kit in our store and we're offering it two different ways.
You can buy the kit for the whole quilt (it will include all patterns and fabric for all 12 blocks & binding) - or - you can buy it in 4 installments of 3 blocks each. To buy the whole quilt click here.  If you wish to purchase it in installments, please call Tammie at 816-632-7632 or email her at  We will charge your credit card when each installment is shipped - and of course you have to commit to buying all 4 :).  (There may be some substitutions.)

Now for the First Ever Jan Patek Quilts September Fest -- 9-22 through 9-24-2016.

Come shop in the barn - in the loft and outside weather permitting - and meet Jan.
Kits, books, patterns and fabric, fabric, fabric.
You may notice those are the same dates that Missouri Star Quilt Shop is having their Birthday Bash.
Missouri Star and the Doans are about 20 minutes down Highway 36 from us and we are great friends.
Stop on the way to their Birthday Bash if you're going
If not, just come see us.
Our address is 10170 NW Last Dr.  Cameron, Mo.  Google it or email Tammie at for directions.  If you get lost our phone # is 816-632-7632.

We don't have a regular quilt shop with all of a quilt shop's feature.  I am mainly a designer and normally only sell a few things online.   I thought it might be fun this year to have an event for a change and get a chance to meet a lot of you.  Please do remember that this is my home, and a working farm with gravel roads and animals.  :)

Hope to see you soon.